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Queen Bee Alchemy's Old Fashioned Black Drawing Salve is a remedy based on a traditional Amish recipe, an essential addition to every medicine chest. This salve is a powerful assistant in addressing pesky splinters, foreign particles, and insect bites while safeguarding against infections and nourishing the skin.


At the heart of this remedy lies our Skin Soothing Salve base, a fusion of hand-selected herbs—calendula, comfrey, lavender, rosehips, and plantain—harmoniously blended with locally sourced southern Alberta beeswax. This soothing mixture is fortified with bentonite clay and activated charcoal, which work harmoniously to draw out embedded objects from within the body.


Simple to use yet remarkably effective: begin by thoroughly cleansing the affected area, then generously apply the black salve onto the wound or splinter. Cover it with a large bandage and allow the potent formula to work its magic, usually overnight. While a single application may prove sufficient, multiple uses might be required for stubborn cases.


Remember, a little of this potent salve goes a long way, making it an indispensable ally in your household's first-aid arsenal.


Sizes: Small - 15g (0.5oz), Medium - 30g (1oz), Large - 60g (2oz)

Old-Fashioned Black Drawing Salve

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Calendula flowers, Comfrey leaves and flowers, Lavender flowers, Rosehips, Plantain leaves and seeds, Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal (Bamboo), Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil.

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