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Permaculture is the answer to so many of the world's current problems, and yet so few people know about it's regenerative capabilities.


I want to change that by providing a teaching space and demonstration site for permaculture installations that will show that perennial food systems can work in our challenging dry, cold and windy foothills ecosystem, and also provide this knowledge for others to grow and share.


Our main challenge on the farm is lack of capital to maintain and upgrade our existing infrastructure, let alone invest in building new projects on our land.


My vision is to build a large gathering space in which to host events and workshops, as well as providing on-site accommodation such as tiny homes or campsites for those that wish to come here to learn, build and help Grow Good Things on our land.


This dream is possible and I am dedicated to making it happen. Spreading the knowledge of Permaculture and implementing renewable energy and green building techniques is essential to regenerating the Earth, feeding the people, and ensuring that our children and grandchildren have a safe, clean and abundant world to live in.


Please help spread the word and turn this vision into a reality. This is a solution in the making, and we need the community to be involved!


You can make a difference today by making a donation via our Help Sunfire Farms Grow Good Things GoFundMe page.  You can also donate using the form below, or support Bridget directly as an artist, author and entrepreneur on Patreon!

Also be sure to like, comment, share and subscribe to our social media channels and watch for new YouTube videos and a Podcast coming soon in 2022!

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