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Grow Good Things

It's In Our Nature

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Welcome to Grow Good Things:
Embracing Traditional Knowledge for Modern Living

Are you eager to reconnect with nature, learn time-honored skills, and harness the magic of natural materials? Look no further! Bridget Lacey, a specialist in organic vegetable gardening within the challenging climate of Alberta's Foothills (Zones 2-4), invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and empowerment.

With decades of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of Permaculture design principles, Bridget is dedicated to sharing her passion for regenerative practices that harmonize with nature's wisdom.

Our Vision and Purpose:

At Grow Good Things, our vision and purpose are rooted in the profound connection between humanity and the Earth's vibrant web of life. We believe that this connection carries the wisdom of our ancestors who skillfully shaped life from the raw elements of nature. It is this very connection that propels us forward, inspiring us to learn and adopt methods and processes that nurture our environment and enable us to cultivate abundance in harmony with the Earth.


Bridget's Guiding Mission:

Bridget's mission is to lead you on a journey of rediscovery, empowering you to master homesteading skills that foster self-reliance, enhance food security, and strengthen communities. She is wholeheartedly committed to passing on the time-honored skills and knowledge of traditional methods. In doing so, we uncover the artistry inherent in creating a sustainable world.


Our Offerings: A Wealth of Wisdom and Creativity

Explore the diverse range of services and experiences we offer at Grow Good Things:

  • Skillcraft Classes and Workshops: Immerse yourself in the art of homesteading with Bridget's hands-on classes and workshops. From wildcrafting to food preservation, beekeeping, and the creation of exquisite crafts using natural materials such as wool, stones, leaves, metals, and paper mache, you'll discover a world of traditional knowledge and creativity.

  • Queen Bee Alchemy Creations: Indulge your senses with unique handcrafted products available in the Queen Bee Alchemy shop. Bridget's artistic touch transforms natural ingredients into magical creations that make for enchanting gifts or cherished additions to your life and home. 

  • Garden Design, Coaching, and Consulting: Elevate your gardening journey with the help of Bridget's expertise in regenerative agriculture. She specializes in designing food forests and cultivating plant communities that are native or adaptable to our growing region (Zones 2-4). Whether you seek garden coaching, personalized garden design, or holistic consulting, Bridget will help you create a sustainable oasis that thrives in harmony with nature.


Discover the Many Ways to Engage with Us

At Grow Good Things, there are numerous ways to connect, learn, and support our mission.

  • Join a Class or Workshop: Sign up for one of our captivating classes or workshops to dive into the world of homesteading and traditional knowledge.

  • Explore Queen Bee Alchemy: Shop for magical creations in the Queen Bee Alchemy shop, where Bridget's artistry comes to life with natural materials.

  • Follow Us on Facebook and Instagram: Stay in the loop and receive seasonal updates by following Bridget and Queen Bee Alchemy on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Subscribe to Our Mailing List: Be the first to hear about our latest offerings, events, and insights by joining our mailing list.

  • Support Bridget on Patreon: Help Bridget build a sustainable haven on her farm and gain exclusive access to her journey as an artist and creator through a one time or monthly donation through Patreon.

Whether you're delving into your natural connection with the Earth, seeking personal garden coaching, designing your dream garden, exploring our shop, or simply following our journey on social media, we invite you to join us in our quest to rediscover ancient wisdom, foster resilience, and co-create magic with the Earth's abundant gifts. Together, let's Grow Good Things.

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