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Grow Good Things

It's In Our Nature

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Queen Bee Alchemy

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What We Do

A specialists in organic vegetable gardening for our short-season growing region (Zones 2-4) of the Alberta Foothills, Bridget Lacey's focus is to empower people to Grow Good Things in their own lives and gardens.


With decades of organic vegetable growing experience, and extensive study and implementation of Permaculture design principles, Bridget shares her passion for growing food and medicines using regenerative practices which emulate the wisdom of nature.

Her mission is to help people remember that we are natural gardeners, and that it is easy to learn how to Grow Good Things. She wants to convey the homesteading skills that will help people survive and thrive while establishing greater food security for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Grow Good Things offers Garden Consulting services.  From personal Coaching and Mentoring to garden and landscape Design, Bridget can help you set up the garden of your dreams - one which works in harmony with nature and helps heal the soil, the ecosystem, and the planet.

Bridget is also a beekeeper, artist and craftsperson; transforming natural ingredients and materials into magical creations under the
Queen Bee Alchemy label. 

What You Can Do

Tap into your natural ability to work with the Earth and Grow Good Things.

Join our Grow by the Month subscription to gain insight into what we are doing in our Zone 2-4 gardens month-by-month.  Or, you can sign up to receive personal Garden Coaching with constructive advice, plans, and encouragement; allowing you to grow along with your garden.

We can also help you design your garden space to grow the foods, medicinal flowers and herbs that you love the most.  We love to incorporate permaculture design practices such as no-till, cover crops, composting and rainwater harvesting to help your space become a regenerative haven and functional part of the ecosystem.

Support Bridget on Patreon as she endeavours to publish her first book: 
Grow Good Things: The Veggie Pages.  Packed with all the information needed  to successfully grow all the backyard veggies, this handy reference details the seed starting, soil, light and water requirements as well as pest solutions, harvest processes, nutrition information, permaculture functions, history and seed saving details for 50 of the most commonly grown garden (fruits and) vegetables. 

In the near future, we are aiming develop a fantastic app to go along with this e-book.  If anyone reading this has experience with app-building, please get in touch with Bridget.  Help us put this very useful knowledge out into the wide world!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our seasonal posts as we progress through all the stages of the growing year. 

And don't forget to check out the Queen Bee Alchemy shop to see all the magical creations that Bridget loves to make from home.

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