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A stunning piece of jewellery, this is a real Birch leaf electroplated with iridescent copper, sterling silver or 14k gold. 


A completely unique piece that will gather compliments whenever you wear it.


Chain and findings can be customized in either 14k gold-filled, 14k rose gold-filled, copper, or sterling silver.  Chain Length is 18" but can be customized to suit your preference.  Additional chain length is $1 / inch.


The medium leaf is approximately 2" long and the large leaf is approximately 2.5" long (height).


As this is a natural product, leaf shape will vary considerably from piece to piece, and may not look exactly as shown in the pictures.

Birch Leaf Necklace

Leaf Metal
Findings Metal
Out of Stock
  • Birch Tree

    Known as ‘The Lady of the Woods’, Birch is long associated with healing, new beginnings, purification, protection, creativity, fertility & birth. With long branches reaching toward the sky, she embodies the ideal of femininity and light-filled grace.   Birch is accorded prestige as the first tree, one of the trees that emerges first to establish a new forest, a harbinger of youth and springtime.

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